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Randall Matthews

My Raving Fans...

"Earlier this year Kai and I purchased our home in Petrie and we met your good self with Leanne Penrose at the inspection at the property as well as at other viewings that day in the area.  We met you again later on at the pest and structure inspection.
Randall, we were really impressed with the way you were always happy and welcoming at the viewings.  The way you set everything up so quickly and efficiently, having everything ready to go for the inspection was amazing!
Some of the people we observed you dealing with at the viewings would surely be more than a challenge - but you just held your own and kept smiling and treating everyone with the upmost respect.   Your knowledge and expertise in all matters was just outstanding.

The number of handy hints you gave us on how to improve our home and structure was very much appreciated and we will be following through with them as instructed by yourself.

Randall we would like to congratulate you on your professionalism and your honesty as we found both you and Leanne to be a literal breath of fresh air.

The sense of mateship you both display on the job is a joy to see and it really shines through showing what a strong professional relationship you have together.

You went above and beyond the perimeters of your job Randall and made us feel as if you were an old family friend looking out for our best interests concerning our home.

Randall we wish you and your family well and wish you and the team at Harcourts Noterom continuing success and prosperity for the future.

You are a true asset to the company and a true gentleman."
K Riihioja and D Beitzel

Randall Matthews

Operations Manager

Shop 16-17
161 Station Road

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